Sunday, July 30, 2017

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, San Jose Thursday, July 27, 2017

Several times during the warm months Happy Hollow Park and Zoo invites seniors to Senior Safari Walkabout when adults 50+ can enter the park one hour before the general public and get free admission and parking, a great bargain.  Last year was the first year we tried this and had rain showers.  This year we had beautiful weather, which made for a more fun experience; however drawing and painting moving animals is still quite the challenge.  Fortunately, Sophia the jaguar posed for a long time while she took a nap. The tortoise ate a long and leisurely breakfast allowing for great sketching and painting.

Link to Happy Hollow

Link to Senior Walkabout

Jayne captures the spirit of the place on her journal page

Laurie draws the wallaby.  Notice the wallaby on the right.

Laurie's collage includes many critters

Mary and Cindy drawing Sophia, the jaguar

Cindy's painting of Sophia, the jaguar

Marilyn's drawing of a turkey vulture and Sophia, the jaguar

Iris's first page of animal drawings

Iris's second page of animal drawings

Kristi's drawing of a black necked stilt

Leslie's value sketch of meerkats

Leslie's value sketch of the tortoise

Benay's painting of the tortoise

Benay's painting of a vintage VW bus in the "Backyard Habitat"

Kristi drawing the "Crooked House"

Kristi's drawing of the "Crooked House"

Suzie's watercolor of the bear and umbrella

Broncha's painting of the "Keep-Around Carousel"

Lisa's painting of the"Keep-Around Carousel"

Leslie's painting of the "Keep-Around Carousel"

Lisa's unfinished painting of the chandelier and seating area by the pond

Cindy's two page spread of the pond

Dick painting by the pond

Dick's painting of a view across the pond

Dick's granddaughter Eva painting by the pond

Salinda painting by the pond

Salinda's painting, Artists Across the Pond

Salinda's second painting

A group of picnickers

Another table of picnickers

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mountain View Heritage Park, Mountain View, CA Thursday July 20, 2017

The Mountain View Heritage Park just opened in December 2016.  Its centerpiece is the historic Immigrant House, just 400 square feet, which was built in the last half of the 19th century.

We had a perfect day for our first paint site at this park. Besides the house itself there was a wonderful windmill that was made in Indiana, bee hives, and a volunteer vegetable garden complete with beautiful sunflowers.

Heritage Park, Mountain View

The immigrant house


Annie's painting of the Immigrant House


Broncha's painting of the Immigrant House


Dick's painting of the Immigrant House


John's painting of the Immigrant House


Joy's painting of the Immigrant House

Leslie's sketch of the Immigrant House

Liz's painting of Immigrant House


Melanie's painting of the Immigrant House

Benay and Kristi

Benay's painting of the windmill

Kristi's painting of windmill

Salinda, Lisha, Candy, and Leslie

Salinda's painting of a sunflower

Salinda's second painting of sunflowers
Lisha's painting of a sunflower

Candy's painting of a sunflower

Candy's painting of flowers

Candy's painting of sunflowers

Leslie's painting of sunflowers


Iris's painting of flowers

Joy's painting of sunflowers


Paintings on display

Liz with her painting

The whole group minus leader/photographer Liz