Saturday, October 28, 2017

AeroDynamic Aviation, Reid Hillview Airport, San Jose, Thursday, October 26

The Aero Dynamic Aviation flying school was once owned by the husband of SCVWS member Marion Podolski. He has since retired, yet we are very grateful that the staff have continued to let us paint at their facility. The site had all the elements of a great plein air challenge: comfortable spots to set up (temps were in the 80s but there was plenty of shade to share) and subject matter that obligingly stayed put, except for the odd plane that went for a quick spin.

Link for additional information about AeroDynamic Aviation

Upcoming Paintsites:
Nov. 2 - Sunnyvale Baylands Park
Nov. 9 - Pao-Hua Buddhist Temple, San Jose
Nov. 16 - Cooper Garrod-Vineyards, Saratoga
Nov. 18 - Weekend Paintsite - Villa Montalvo, Saratoga
Nov. 30 - Rancho San Antonio, Cupertino

Iris and her painting of an airplane
with Karen B. under her umbrella in the background

Helen and Lisha sitting by airplane

Helen's quick watercolor sketch of  an Aviat Husky

Helen's painting of an Aviat Husky

Marilyn found a shady place to set up and get a great view of  a SportStar.
Thanks to the AeroDynamic Aviation staff for telling us that this
plane was not scheduled to fly on our paintsite day.

Marilyn's painting of the SportStar.  The staff was right.
This airplane posed for us all day.

Toni had a very comfortable painting location.

Toni's painting

Leslie had many airplanes to choose from

Two sketches by Leslie

Two more sketches by Leslie

Leslie's painting of airplanes

New member Tanvi's painting of two airplanes

Cindy and Broncha set up their easels in the shade

Cindy's painting of the SportStar

Broncha's painted a fine painting of this airplane even though
its pilot took it out for a quick spin

Annie's airplane study

Annie's quick watercolor sketch

Annie's painting of an Aviat Husky

Jane S's painting of a two-engine airplane

Friday, October 20, 2017

Portola Vineyards, Portola Valley, Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Portola Vineyards are beautiful this time of the year with many of the leaves turned to yellow and orange, a lovely contrast to the dark green trees on the surrounding hillsides.  A huge thank you to the Lehmann family for allowing us to paint at their beautiful vineyards.  After all of the devastating fires in the North Bay wine country, it was wonderful to see these beautiful vineyards and to have cool weather to help the firefighters get those fires completely out. Most of us were attracted to the vineyards although a few artists ventured far enough to find the pond.  The sun only came out for a few brief moments in the morning, and then I immediately photographed my view so I knew where to paint the shadows.  

The last time we were here both border collie Bruno and rescue lab Simon helped us with our painting.  Check out the October 22, 2015 blog for proof.  This time they didn't get to visit us until we were finishing our picnic, and then Bruno was delighted to play "catch the stick" with anyone who would play with him.

Link to Portola Vineyards website

Portola Vineyards

Leslie's painting of grape leaves

Paintsite co-coordinator Jane S. painting 5x7 quick sketch of vineyards

Jane S's 5x7 quick sketch of vineyards

Jane S's finished painting of vineyards
Marilyn"s painting of vineyards

Elaine painting by the vineyards

Elaine's painting of grapes and grape vines

Susan J. painting by the vineyards

Mary R and Helen painting by the vineyards

Mary R's painting of the grape vines and hillside beyond

Helen's painting of grape vines

Helen's painting of vineyards and Elaine painting beside the vineyards


Lois's painting of the vineyards and the red barn

Broncha's painting of vineyards and hills beyond

Lorraine's painting of the pond

Suzie's painting of ducks on the pond

Suzie's painting of the pond

Susan B-G's painting of the pond

The artists enjoying the large comfortable picnic table

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pumpkin Patch at Martial Cottle CP, San Jose, Weekend Paintsite Saturday October 14, 2017

There were pumpkins galore at the Pumpkin Patch at Jacobs Farm at Martial Cottle County Park in San Jose.  After all the smoke we have had from the North Bay fires (the Thursday paintsite at this pumpkin patch had to be cancelled due to unhealthy air quality), it was a delightful surprise that the skies were clear and free of smoke for the Saturday paintsite.  The bright blue skies made a beautiful color contrast to the orange pumpkins.

Link to Jacobs Farm at Martial Cottle County Park

Pumpkins and gourds

Alison's painting of pumpkins and an old farm truck

Jayne and many pumpkins

Jayne's journal page

Mary P with her painting and the old farm truck

Mary P's painting of pumpkins and the old farm truck

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve, Thursday, October 5, 2017

Another sunny day but this time we were kept company by a welcoming breeze from the Bay. The air was fairly clear which made for some spectacular views of the marshland against a backdrop of the Diablo Range to the East or the Santa Cruz Mountains to the West.  Whether situated on one of the trails or on the boardwalk, painters were treated in either direction with panoramic views of mountains, numerous species of salt marsh vegetation and shorebirds.

Link to Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve

Palo Alto Baylands looking east

Palo Alto Baylands Eco Center

Palo Alto Baylands at low tide

Palo Alto Baylands at high tide


Anu’s painting of the Baylands looking west

Anu’s second painting of the Baylands 

Lorraine’s view of the Baylands from the boat launch


Martha’s painting of a Bayland’s hiker


Toni’s view of the salt marsh and the East Bay Hills

Leslie’s pen and ink sketch of the Duck Pond

Leslie’s pen and ink sketch of the Interpretive Center

Leslie’s painting of the salt marsh and the East Bay Hills

Susan B-G’s painting of the marsh and East Bay Hills

Susan B-G’s painting of the marsh and the Santa Cruz Mtns

Jane's painting of a eucalyptus tree