Sunday, January 26, 2020

Emma Prusch Farm, San Jose, Thursday 23, 2020

The Prusch family's 19th Century farm, donated by daughter Emma to the city of San Jose in 1962, is easily one of the most incongruous sites we visit: Ever present traffic on I-680 roars by (and almost above) the farm while at ground level, the old farmhouse, barn and rusty equipment (all pretty standard fare for an old farm) compete for our attention with handsome chickens, begging to be sketched or painted. Many of us obliged!
For more on the Prusch Family Farm please refer the following links:

For more photos of the Emma Prusch Farm Paintsite please check out Edward Rook's Flickr album:

Upcoming paintsites:  See the SCVWS website or the January and February Newsletters for details:
  • Thursday, Jan 30, Don Edwards Environmental Education Center, Alviso
  • Thursday, Feb 6, Arastradero Preserve Parking lot, Palo Alto
  • Thursday, Feb 13, Santa Cruz Arboretum, Santa Cruz
  • Thursday, Feb 20, San Mateo County Courthouse, Redwood City
  • Thursday, Feb 27, TBD rain make up day

Artists and their artwork:

The 4-H barn at Emma Prusch Farm Park, San Jose's largest freestanding
livestock barn

Emma Prusch Farm gazebo

Brad with the Emma Prusch Farm's Victorian farmhouse
 in the distance

Brad's watercolor of the Victorian farmhouse ( Emma's home)

Edward's painting of the Ethel & William Prusch Multicultural Center

Edward and painting companion

Alison's sketches of chicken feet


Dick's watercolor silhouette of the farm


Annie's watercolor of a park visitor feeding the chickens

Mindy's watercolor of the Multicultural Center


Sham's watercolor of the 4-H barn


Kaaren's watercolor of the Multicultural Center


A very green tractor by Liz

Indira's painting of the Livestock Barn

Kaaren and Indira

Elaine's watercolor sketches of the farm's roosters


Laurie B's composition of chicken poses

Laurie B
Jane S's watercolor of the Emma Prusch Farmyard

Jane S, Paintsites Co-coordinator

Tanvi's watercolor sketches of farm roosters
Tanvi's watercolor of an retired tractor


Wanda's pastel of  the green tractor


Salinda's watercolor of the white rooster


Helen's painting of red rooster

Paintsite artists sharing their artwork
Paintsites group photo  

Paintsites second group photo including Edward

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Sikh Gurdwara Temple, San Jose, Thursday, January 9, 2020

Thursday's paint site started cold and grey; grew colder and greyer with rain (causing some of us to retreat to our cars and others into the Dining Hall where our gracious Sikh hosts offered us hot tea); then, warmed up and back outside where, still cold, the sun had broken thru -- the sky was a brilliant blue, the clouds bold, and the gold domes of the Temple positively glowing -- we were able to continue painting. Then, our work done, it was back into the Dining Hall where we were served a delicious lunch. It's the challenges and subsequent rewards of painting on such a day (including the  effects of unplanned rain drops) that makes the Thursday Paintsites so special. And even more so when it's with such a wonderful group of fellow artists!

Upcoming paintsites:  See the SCVWS website or the November Newsletter for details:
  • Thursday, Jan 16, Don Edwards Environmental Education Centrer, Alviso
  • Saturday, Jan 18, SCVWS Annual Holiday Party
  • Thursday, Jan 23, Emma Prusch Farm, San Jose
  • Thursday, Jan 30, TBD rain makeup day
  • Thursday, Feb 6, Arastradero Preserve Parking lot, Palo Alto
  • Thursday, Feb 13, Santa Cruz Arboretum, Santa Cruz
  • Thursday, Feb 20, San Mateo County Courthouse, Redwood City
  • Saturday, Feb 22, Along the Alameda, San Jose
  • Thursday, Feb 27, TBD rain make up day

Don't forget: The annual holiday party is next Saturday,  Jan 18 from 11 am - 2:30 pm.  Bring sketchbooks and/or matted artwork to display on the raised stage area at the back of the hall. Please make sure your work is labeled with your name and phone number. Also, to participate in  the painting exchange  bring a water media painting in this year's theme 'STARS', on a 4"x 6" watercolor paper. For more information on the annual party and the location see the SCVWS website.

Artists and their artwork:

Brad's watercolor sketch of the Sikh Gurdwara Temple

Paintsite artists Alison, Mindy, Sham, Brad, Elaine and Indira prepare to paint
at the Gurdwara Temple, ignoring the ominous rain clouds in the distance


Helen's watercolor of the Gurdwara Temple

Kathy's watercolor sketch of a section of the temple

Alison's watercolor sketch of a temple archway

Brad takes shelter during the mid morning downpour

Indira and Elaine. One solution to painting in a the rain shower

Elaine's watercolor of the temple with some rain drop effects

Annie's solution to painting in the rain


Cindy's watercolor of the hillside behind the Gurdwara Temple 

Indira's watercolor of the Gurdwara Temple

Jane's value study sketch of the temple with special effects from the rain!

Tanvi's watercolor focusing of the temple domes and archways

Sham's painting of the Sikh Gurdwara Temple